I seek to showcase the exquisite beauty of gems by wrapping them in precious metals. My designs are deeply influenced by my travels throughout Asia and Latin America and by my connection with gem collectors from all over the world. I am constantly on the lookout for unusual and rare gemstones that I can make into a unique and exquisite work of wearable art. 

A philosophy major in college, I found I had a natural affinity for making jewelry and taught myself how to wire wrap. Later, I took classes with master jewelers at the Revere Academy, San Francisco and became a trained bench jeweler. The last ten years of curiosity and exploration have led me to a combination of techniques and styles you will not see anywhere else. Each art piece was made at my home studio in San Francisco, California.


Each piece of jewelry was created by Nick, by hand, never to be re-created again. Every piece of Tendai Jewelry is completely one of a kind and has its own story. From the origins of the stones and the tales that got them here, to the highs and lows of creation, and the ultimate triumph over imagination and realization!